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Bali Tourism

Bali Tourism: A sneak peek

The jaw dropping beauty of Bali inspires millions of tourists from different corners of the world to set foot on this scenic island. Thanks to the tourism development activities on the rise, Bali is started being seen as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. While the pristine beaches of Bali give Bali its distinctive face, the breathtaking landscapes add to its wild side. This is the reason why, apart from honeymoon couples, a lot of trekkers and divers visit Bali every year. The pleasant tropical climate of Bali makes it a perfect getaway for couples. Bali tourism has improved over the years. The natural beauty of Bali makes it a unique travel destination. Home to over six volcanoes and numerous beaches, Bali is an ideal definition for ‘diversity’. Mother Nature has bestowed her greatest gifts to this Indonesian Island. Bali hotels and villas are known for their hospitality and service. Large swimming pools, modular kitchens and exclusive bathrooms make villas a popular accommodation alternative in Bali.

Bali tourism has evolved into a modern industry today. Connected to major centers of the world, Bali offers excellent flight deals. You can see a number of places in Bali. Let us talk about some of these overwhelming destinations in Bali. The Bali safari and marine park is home to over fifty rare species. You can see the beautiful Komodo dragon, Sumatran Tiger, White tiger, leopard, Sumatran elephant, and beautiful birds. An elephant ride covering the African Savannah would bring you face to face with many wild animals.


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Ever heard of a temple in between the sea? Well, the Tanah Lot Temple is one such temple that is located in the sea. All around this temple, you can see the vast sea. Perched on a large rock, the Tanah Lot Temple is a popular sea temple in Bali. A few km south of Singaraja is the mighty Gitgit Waterfall. This idyllic waterfall is surrounded by beautiful plants. Photographers love visiting the Gitgit Waterfall to capture its scenic beauty into their cameras. Less than a 100 kms from Denpasar, lies a beautiful, small village called Tirtagangga. This is the place where the incredible Water Palace stands tall. Bungalows and Villas located around the village are ideal for visiting the Water Place of Tirtagangga.

The Kintamani, located in the northern part of Bali, is one of the most beautiful places in the Island. Known for its beautiful sunrise, this village lies at an elevation of over 1500m. The beautiful sight of Mount Batur volcano would mesmerize you. Lake Batur has always been a popular aspect of Bali tourism. The bubbling hot water springs are found only in Kintamani. The hot spring of Toya Devasya is an ideal rejuvenating option after a day’s sightseeing. Kintamani is also known for the Batur caldera which extends over seven miles in diameter, and over sixty feet in depth. Bali tourism has lot to offer you. A little research online would make your visit to Bali simpler. Visit Bali and experience divinity.


Bali tourism

Bali Tourism: Visit the island of beauty!

Bali is an island that is replete with beaches, wildlife and cultural places. What makes Bali special is its string of mountains, temples and beautiful villages. The villages of Bali are untouched by modernization, thus preserving the raw culture in the lives of people
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Bali Tourism: Visit and Experience!

Bali is not your regular miles-long island. It is a relatively small island in Indonesia spawning across less than a hundred miles. But these hundred miles have to offer much more than most humongous islands of the world. Believe it or not, Bali has more temples than homes.
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Bali Tourism: Traveler’s Paradise

The exotic island of Bali reflects its rich culture, passed on from one generation to other. While the golden sands of the pristine beaches of Bali speak of the island’s enticing offerings, the temples, museums and monuments talk of Bali’s carefully-protected historical past.
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Bali Tourism rocks!

If you believe, Bali is all about beautiful beaches and rugged mountaintops, it is time you realize the not-so-prominent offerings of Bali. Bali lies in Indonesia, an Asian country comprising thousands of islands. Although these islands are beautiful and exotic, there is none that comes close to the idyllic Bali.
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Bali Tourism: Beaches, temples and more…

Bali is an Island of beauty, peace, style, and culture. This small island of Indonesia boasts of beaches that would mesmerize you forever. The golden sands of Bali beaches are quite unique. The mountains of Bali attract trekkers. Also, these mountains house famous temples of Bali.
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